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Good to Go Meat Pies

Good to Go Meat Pies

My family is from Michigan where the tradition of the Cornish Pasty is still going strong.   We moved to Everson when I was pretty young and I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful farming community. My love of baking started early on in my life and I spent many joyful days baking with my grandmother Audrey who taught me to make apple pies and cookies.

Juggling a busy family life I knew the challenges of trying to keep up with soccer games and school events, and still make sure to have a quick meal for us, which helped me see a need for other busy families. A good friend from Michigan taught me how to make pasties and I thought they were the perfect way to help folks have a hearty meal on the go.

Good To Go has allowed me to combine my love of cooking with my passion for how food is grown and raised. Everson is in the heart of  Whatcom County farmland and many of these farmers grow the organic vegetables that we use to make our pasties taste so great. Over the five years that we have been open we have continued to take steps each year to shift our purchases of meat to farms and co-ops with a focus on natural, humanely raised animals without the use of antibiotics. We proudly share all the names of the farms we source from.

Our commitment to sourcing locally and making a delicious food using only the best of ingredients has helped Good to Go Meat Pies create a loyal following of customers as we have grown to have a second location in Lynden, WA and participate in both the Bellingham and Everett Farmers Markets. We look forward to sharing our pasties with you – the perfect meal all wrapped up in our famous buttery crust!

Good To Go Meat Pies has a very dedicated staff that helps make our traditional meat pies taste wonderful and I would not be able to do all this work without them!

Ty, Doris, Tessa, Terri, Trisha, Kari, Lorna, Rosie, Barbara and Pearl – Thanks Crew


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