Top Dish: Good to Go Meat Pies spreading the word about its tasty fare

Top Dish: Good to Go Meat Pies spreading the word about its tasty fare




The beef pasty from Good to Go Meat Pies in Everson, which also is at the Bellingham Farmers Market for the first time this year.


Name: Good to Go Meat Pies.

Location: 128 W. Main St., Everson (near Herb Niemann’s Steak House Restaurant) and, for the first time, at the Bellingham Farmers Market on Saturdays (look for Good to Go’s booth on the side that faces Boundary Bay). 360-966-2400 and

The story of … Holly Bevan-Bumford calls her eatery Everson’s pasty shop, and she’s been working since opening in January 2012 to teach this part of the world about the portable, comfort food.

What we call meat pies are made in the tradition of the British pasty (pronounced pass-tee), which is a cooked pastry filled with meat and vegetables and crimped on one side.

The pasty is most often associated with Cornwall, England, and is said to have spread to different parts of the world with the migration of Cornish miners, including to northern Michigan. That’s where Bevan-Bumford’s family comes from and where the pasty is celebrated regional fare.

“There is so much folklore with this food,” said Bevan-Bumford, who grew up in Everson.

As for Good to Go Meat Pies, the name reflects the focus.

“I consider myself a pasty shop,” Bevan-Bumford said, “and we have other things that we add to it.”

Quick bite: Go the traditional route with the $7.50 beef pasty, which is considered the classic Cornish pasty. It is filled with Farmer Ben’s grass-fed ground beef (from Lynden) and onions, as well as cubes of potatoes, carrots and rutabaga.

The filling is savory and a little sweet, and is wholly satisfying. The crust is golden and flaky.

You could put on a dollop of Good to Go’s own pasty sauce – a sweet and tangy concoction created by Ty Cook, Bevan-Bumford’s nephew – but the beef pasty is perfectly delicious without it.

Side note: A small $3 bowl of Thai chicken soup is a rich offering of coconut milk, green curry for a little kick, crimini mushrooms, chunks of chicken, and slivers of red bell pepper for a splash of color.

Ambiance: Good to Go in Everson has a small seating area that is casual and comfortable. Or grab your food and go, or buy your meat pies at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

Extra serving: Not hungry for a pasty now? Order frozen ones and keep them for later. Good to Go also sells a veggie pasty. The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farms when possible, and its flour comes from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill.

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